Back in the day, we planted the seed for cannabis culture in the heart of Hollywood. What began as a hub for empowering authenticity grew into a community of influencers all with the same mentality. To know and be known.

10 years later, and we haven’t changed. We’re here to inspire the biggest names in the game on their way toward recognition, whatever their game may be. We’ve earned our place at the top for cultivating the best product. Pure, West Coast-grown flower for those humble, but not faint, of heart.

It’s that flavor of realness that keeps our clientele coming back. From our selective strains to the spirit of the company we keep, we’re all about being the best while keeping it covert. Boldly existing without being brazen. Our fans can trust in our goods and trust in us.

Our reputation starts with our luxury strain, and ends with you. Because like our quality product, being the master at your craft always gets noticed. Maybe that’s why everybody wants to be Famous.